Dh10 for students’ delay at Al Ain school

School children must also stop using old books and buy only new ones

A private school in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain went out of its way and enforced a penalty of Dh10 for each one hour delay by its school children, triggering complaints by their parents, a newspaper said on Thursday.

A school official confirmed the decision by the headmistress and said it affects students who are late from class or school bus.

Emirat Alyoum newspaper quoted the mother of three boys at the unnamed school as saying she was told to pay that fine when her sons were late for the bus.

She said she was also informed that her younger son can no longer use the books of his brother and that she must buy all the new books.

“Once I paid Dh30 because my three sons were late for the bus only for 10 minutes,” the woman told the paper.

“I was also notified by the school management that I have to buy all the new books…this is the first time they tell me this as my younger sons had used some of the old books of their elder brothers…..the school said this is no longer allowed and that I must buy all the new books.”

Emirat Alyoum quoted a school management member as saying she was aware of  the new fine, which she said was decided by the school head.

“The school head has issued decisions for this year including the delay penalty and the purchase of all new books..…we have no choice but to comply with these decisions,” the unnamed member said.

The paper quoted officials at the Abu Dhabi Education Council as saying they were checking complaints by parents about that school and that it would take measures against any illegal decision, including refunding parents.

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