Dh500 fine for sacrificing Eid animals on Abu Dhabi streets

Abu Dhabi City Municipality calls upon the public to avoid slaughtering their sacrificial animals in houses, streets or public squares.

An immediate fine of Dh500 shall be slapped against violators and the animals shall be confiscated.

Municipal patrols will regularly be walking around to spot violators since this phenomenon involves adverse health and environmental risks.

The slaughterhouses of Abu Dhabi City Municipality which includes Abu Dhabi Public Slaughter House, Baniyas Slaughter House, Al Shahama Slaughter House, and Al Wathba Slaughter House are fully prepared to receive sacrificial animals on the first day of Eid Al-Adha starting from 7am up to 6pm, and during other remaining days of the festivity from 6am to 6pm.

The slaughter houses will adopt the highest health standards in meeting the rising needs of the public for slaughtering services availed during a flexible timing that suits all demands.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: "The Municipality has deployed a veterinary team to carry medical tests to all livestock and offer medical assistance to buyers.

“It has also subjected all butchers and staffs to specialist qualifying programmes to train them about food safety and personal hygiene conducted by specialist consultancy offices in a bid to raise the health and professional standards at slaughter houses.

“Full daily cleaning is made to slaughter houses which are disinfected after the end of slaughtering works so that they will be ready for the next day.

“Slaughtering wastes are being disposed of properly without polluting the environment."

The slaughtering fees remain the same as follows; 15 dirham per goat/sheep, 40 dirham per calf/young camel, and 60 dirham per older cow/camel.

These fees include chopping of the slaughtered sheep or goat into four pieces, and camels and cows into eight pieces.

Slaughterhouses will not offer special chopping of carcasses into smaller pieces service on the first and second days of Eid, due to the huge number of animals to be processed, and to help avoid the hassles of keeping the public waiting for longer periods.

The Abu Dhabi Automatic Slaughterhouse is designated for private sacrificial animals of the Emirates Red Crescent, whereas Abu Dhabi Slaughterhouses at Al Mina, Baniyas, Al Wathba and Al Shahama will offer services to the public.

Municipality calls on the public to avoid entering the slaughtering halls in order to maintain public health stipulations and avoid the onset of communicable diseases.

Al Rumaithi called on the residents of Baniyas to  head to Al Wathba Slaughterhouse which has been equipped to serve them at the highest health practices to avoid crowding Baniyas Slaughterhouse.

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