Dh904 for a bag of cucumbers?

The bill showing the price of half a kilo cucumbers (Supplied)

How often do you check your grocery bills?

This Abu Dhabi resident could have ended up paying Dh904 for a bag of cucumbers, had she not checked her bill.

The resident said she was shocked when she checked her bill.

“I was charged Dh904 for half-a-kilo of cucumbers,” she said.

She immediately approached the staff at the supermarket chain and they did correct the amount.



UAE residents claim some restaurants overcharge

An 'Emirates24|7' poll reveals 17% don’t check bill for price discrepancies

If there have been incidences of discrepancies than according to the 'Emirates24|7' recent poll, you aren’t alone.

From a poll of 397 people, a 30 per cent of respondents complained that were forced to check their restaurant bill every time because they had been victims of being overcharged too often for comfort.

An additional 27 per cent complained that, although they don’t check their bill often, a random check has thrown up extra charges on the bill at least once.

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Dh1,000,000 blown away in one night in Dubai

Amount paid for single bill at Cavalli Club during one visit

There is a certain strata above which trifling matters like recession and cash flow do not matter.

In the recent past high-fliers who live in this rarefied atmosphere have come to light thanks to their spending prowess at the UAE's most exclusive nightspots.

This year [2012] alone, three bills paid at nightspots in the Emirates made the news - Abu Dhabi's Etoile topped with an amount of Dh476,056.88, followed by Dh387,988 spent at the Cavalli Club Dubai, where a Briton also spent Dh217,000.

But, is that the highest amount that the club has seen paid for a single visit?

Cavalli Club’s Restaurant and Lounge General Manager David Lescarret says no.

According to Lescarret, in 2011, one visitor paid a single bill of one million dirhams (approx $280,000).

While the club manager refuses to divulge details of what the amount was spent on, or the nationality of the spender, Lescarret does explain that bill fatteners are often luxury items like champagne or fine wines.

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Cavalli Club parties to the tab of a smashing Dh388,000

Rumours say spender was Nigerian President’s brother on his birthday bash

The New Year [2012] has gotten off to a rocking start, for someone in particular at least, who has chalked up a Dh387,988 at the Dubai-based Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge on January 2.

The bill first came to light on social media circles, when someone posted an image of the final tally on Facebook. Since then, the image and its astronomical sum has turned into a viral hit and fodder for endless debates on ‘mindless spending’.

When Emirates 24|7 caught up with David Lescarret, Operation Manger, Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge, he confirmed the authenticity of the bill, adding: “We first spotted the bill online. It came to our attention through various online alerts which we have set up.”

However, when asked to confirm if the bill indeed belonged to the Nigerian President’s brother, Lescarret said: “Cavalli Club,Restaurant & Lounge is an exclusive venue where our valued guests are afforded anonymity and privacy. As such we prefer not to comment on whom the bill belonged to.”

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Height of extravagance: Dh476,000 nightclub tab

After Dubai’s Cavalli Club bill, the capital’s Etoiles hotspot emerges with one that’s Dh110,000 steeper

It was on January 2, 2012, when a few groggy-eyed Facebook junkies logged into their accounts to see a newsfeed inundated with comments over a single bill from Dubai’s popular Cavalli Club that racked up a tally of Dh366K.

The media blitzkrieg that followed has snowballed further in the coming days, as neighbouring Abu Dhabi emerged earlier today with its own nightclub bill that trumps the Dubai one by a whopping Dh110,000.

Emirates Palace hotspot, Etoiles, has found its name on a bill this time around with a price tag of Dh476,056.88, which was ostensibly settled on January 4, 2012, at 3.44am.

The service charge on this nightclub bill alone is Dh41,211.80, according to the image of the bill that's going viral on the web.

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