DHA adopts 'smart' system that ensures safety and effectiveness of stored medication

Dubai's health authority has announced the adoption of a smart system that monitors the cold chain of pharmaceutical drugs to ensure they are stored safely and under the correct temperatures and .

Cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain, which provides an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities to maintain the desired low temperature of consumable goods such as pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Ali Al Sayed, Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) explained that the monitoring of the cold chain, especially in medication, is considered one of the most important global issues and one of the biggest challenges that international health organisations face as it directly affects the quality, safety and the effectiveness of medication.

"After conducting a series of studies on international practices in the field of smart medication management systems, the pharmaceutical services department adopted an international-standard smart system that monitors and tracks the temperatures of medication through the installation of smart devices and tablets that can be controlled and tracked electronically," he said.

Dr. Sayed explained that the smart system adopted by the DHA includes computer tablets linked with medical refrigerators and refrigerator rooms and can send text and email alerts in the case that temperatures exceed the required limits.

"These tablets will register and document the temperature automatically and display data in a graph format that shows the correct temperature limits and documents them," he added.