DM to dispense new bins to collect e-wastes

Dubai Municipality is dispensing new bins to collect e-wastes.

The waste management department has entered into an agreement with Averda Co. to design an advanced bin exclusively for electronic wastes based on the directives of Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality.

These will be placed in public places such as parks, DM centers, commercial centers, cooperative societies spread over in different areas of Dubai.

Salah Amiri, Assistant Director-General of Dubai Municipality for environment and public health services sector pointed out that most of the electronic equipment contain lead and many chemical components that pollutes the soil and leaks into the ground water, which in turn cause huge pollution posing high risks on the biological diversity and natural life.

He stressed that the move comes as part of the keenness of Dubai Municipality to help users in the safe disposal of e-waste ensuring a clean and sustainable environment in the emirate.

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