DMI to further raise jobs for nationals: Al Shaikh

Lauds the high number of Emiratis seeking jobs at DMI

Dubai Media incorporated (DMI) is going to address the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai and the Human Resources Department, to increase the number of jobs for Emiratis to more than the 60 posts allocated for 2013, said Ahmad Abdullah Al Shaikh, Managing Director and General Manager of DMI.

Ahmad Al Shaikh stressed that this initiative comes after the unexpected turnout of young Emiratis who are wishing to join the media, reported Al Bayan newspaper.

He added: “More than 500 young Emiratis - both males and females - applied for recruitment in DMI.”

Al Shaikh pointed out the number of applicants exceeded expectations where DMI was expecting to receive 100 to 150 job applications.

He added the high number of applicants reflects the great desire of a large section of citizens to work in the media sector.

This comes as part of an initiative of Dubai Media Incorporated (Engage In The Future) for the rehabilitation and training of national cadres to be employed in various media fields.

Ahmad Al Shaikh asked governmental bodies and companies in the emirate to recruit nationals in the departments of Information and Public Relations.

He stressed that local department should accept those cadres and give them the opportunity to prove themselves where they should be subjected to rehabilitation through intensive training programmes.

The statements came during a supervising visit by Ahmad Al Shaikh to the Open day held by DMI to carry out the new national initiative (Engage in the future) for the rehabilitation and training of national cadres.

Ahmed Al Shaikh inspected the committees which were entrusted to conduct interviews with applicants who flocked to register their names since the early morning hours at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

He was also briefed on the mechanism of the work of these committees and the desire of the participants from the national the cadres to join DMI.

Emiratisation initiative

Ahmad Al Shaikh expressed his pleasure at the response of young Emiratis who want to work in the media field.

He as well confirmed the intention of DMI to recruit 500 trainees from national cadres in the next few years and said that this confirmation comes from the permanent keenness of DMI to rehabilitate national cadres and support the process of emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates.

However, Al Shaikh emphasised that this new national initiative has come to embody the vision of the DMI and its strategy.

He added this initiative is part of efforts to keep up with the strategy of the Government of Dubai.

Dhaen Shaheen, Executive Director of DMI for Press and Editor-in-Chief of Al Bayan, sought the Emirati cadres to work hard to join DMI newspapers - Al Bayan, Emarat Al Youm and Ara magazine, in addition to the electronic newspaper 'Emirates24|7'.

Shaheen pointing out the media sector needs to be infused with the blood of young national cadres who will be able to bear on their shoulders the responsibility of the future of the national press.

He added that Al Bayan newspaper has a very great experiences and achievements in emiratisation, where four local editors headed it after their long experience in its divisions.

He added that the work in newspapers is multi-sector such as editing and the desktop publishing, advertising and marketing, photography and other technical divisions.

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