Do pest control by licensed firms only, urges DM

In the context of several deaths in the UAE, especially  that of an Egyptian child in Sharjah due to improper use of pesticides, El Mahi El Tilib Gubran, Senior Pest Control Studies Officer at Dubai Municipality said the  public is not allowed to apply pesticides in their homes by themselves. Instead, they should hire the services of companies licensed by DM's Public Health Pest Control Section.

"Bed bugs are cosmopolitan pests and spread all over the world even in the famous five stars hotels. The most common and dangerous pests are rodents because they e affect health, safety and properties. The best and safest pesticides to be used against various pests are those registered in Ministry of Water and Environment and applied by companies licensed by DM," El Mahi said.

“Improper use of pesticides may adversely affect children, adults, animals and the environment. Actual health effect of pesticides on children depends on the active ingredients of the pesticides. Each active ingredient has different mode of action, but the majority of active ingredients have effect on the nervous system," he added.

"People should follow all safety precautions requested by licensed companies when using pesticides in homes," he added.

Updated list of the companies can be obtained from Dubai Municipality Call Centre (800900) or from Public Health Pest Control Section ALqouz (043474448).

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