Doctors performs rare surgery on Emirati woman

Doctors from Al Wasl Hospital and Rashid Hospital performed a rare surgery on a 31-year-old Emirati lady to alleviate her pain and suffering which was ongoing for two years.

The patient, a mother of three children, has two C-sections and one normal delivery. 

Dr Muna Tahlak, Head of Gynaecology at Al Wasl Hospital, diagnosed that the patient was suffering from scar endometriosis and advised that she should undergo surgery.

Dr Tahlak said, “When the patient visited the hospital, she was suffering from excruciating lower abdominal pain and swelling at the site of her previous caesarean section scar. The pain and discomfort lasted for more than two years. Her pain was cyclical and occurred mostly during her periods. She was debilitated because of the pain and was given pain killers every time. 

“When she approached us with her case, we diagnosed that she was suffering from a rare disorder called scar endometriosis and we advised that she should immediately undergo surgery to remove the mass in the abdominal wall which was undiagnosed until now and was the cause of her severe pain.”

The team that performed the surgery was led by Dr Tahlak and Dr. Ahmed Al Jazeeri, consultant general surgeon and laparoscopic surgeon in Rashid Hospital and head of surgical departments at the DHA.  

Dr Tahlak said: “She was operated on and a 4x3cm mass was removed from the site of the C- section scar.  Examining the mass confirmed that it was made up of endometrial cells, which is very rare because these cells are normally found near the ovaries, intestines and bladder. For the cells to migrate near the scar and form a mass is significantly uncommon,” Dr Tahlak said.

Post operatively she did well. She is now six weeks post surgery and free of pain, she said.

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