Don't put accidents on social media: Abu Dhabi Police

Recent film on local social media showed collision between a school bus and another car. (Supplied)

People who film road accidents must not publish them on social media without prior police approval as this could create confusion, a senior police officer was quoted on Wednesday as saying.

Lt Colonel Salah Al Humairi, head of Al Ain traffic department in Abu Dhabi’s police, said he was reacting to a recent film on social media involving an a collision between a school bus and another car, resulting in the death of three people and injury of 22 others in Al Ain.

He said all the victims were Asians and that police are still investigating the crash, which could have been caused by speeding and failure to respect traffic rules.

“The film showed people lying in blood pool while children were screaming. This created confusion and those who published it should have thought about this.

"We stress again that publishing such films is not allowed before the information is confirmed by the police and investigation of the incident is completed,” he said, quoted by the Arabic language daily 'Emarat Al Youm'.


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