Downtown Dubai's new tramway: Open in 2 months


Tracks of a new transit mode in Downtown Dubai have been laid and the ‘Dubai Trolley’ will soon ply on it.

Dubai Trolley is the new tramway for Downtown Dubai and it is not an extension of The Dubai Tram in Al Sufouh, nor will it look anything like the tram that is to be launched this November.

It is Downtown’s very own, unique transit mode aiming to offer easy access to such iconic Dubai landmarks as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

The first rails have been laid on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

According to staff onsite, this is the first phase of the tramway, which will stretch from one side of the boulevard to the other; or from The Address Downtown to Burj Khalifa.

This part of the project must be delivered by December, they added.

The railway consists of one track and will allow one tram to move in one direction at a time.

At a later stage, the tramway will circle Dubai Mall in its entirety, they explained.

Over the last couple of weeks the rails have rapidly extended.

At the moment, no announcements have been made about the trolley system by Emaar, which manages the project. However, plans to introduce a trolley system in the area were discussed in 2008.

A tram system in Downtown Dubai, stretching 4.6km and forming a link to Dubai Metro will be developed at a value of Dh500 million, Emaar stated at the time.

The project is dubbed ‘a first-of-its-kind in Dubai’, and will offer two synchronized services within one tram transportation system.

In 2011, Emaar announced that trolley buses, each with a capacity of 25 passengers, help enhance the ease of access for visitors to Downtown Dubai.

An Emaar customer service representative said Tour Buses enable visitors to tour major attractions, or simply move between landmarks in the area.