Drama on highway after car accelerator jams

Police avert disaster: traffic cleared and motorist guided to uninhabited area

An Emirati man driving a four-wheel car at 160km on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain motorway could have caused a road disaster after losing control of his vehicle because of a malfunction in his accelerator but it was averted with the help of police, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The man phoned the police to tell them he could no longer slow down after the accelerator went out of control and that he feared he could ram into other cars and cause a disaster on the busy motorway, Alittihad said.

Police quickly went on alert and sent many car patrols to clear the motorway while traffic police experts were in touch with the driver over the mobile to instruct him on how to bring the vehicle back under control.

“We first asked him to make sure his seat belt is fastened…we then took all necessary measures in such circumstances including alerting other drivers to keep off the road where that car was present,” said Brigadier Hussein Al Harthi, director of the traffic police patrols in Abu Dhabi.

“We instructed him to head for an uninhabited area and then gave him instructions on how to bring the car under control and stop it…in the end, the driver managed to stop the car in Ramah area without any accident.”

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