Drive safe, cancel your fines: Dubai Police launch White Points system

One white point credited at the end of each month, valid for a year

Dubai Police will temper its dreaded Black Points system with a White Points system to encourage motorists in the emirate to follow traffic rules and become safer drivers.

The system has been implemented and can be redeemed in many ways, even used to cancel some fines.

The system was proposed by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, in order to achieve the highest level of traffic safety.

People with valid driving licences issued from Dubai and those who have one or more Dubai-registered vehicles in their names will be part of the new system.

Other conditions for eligibility include, not having any traffic violation on one’s licence or the vehicle registered in the name of the licence holder during the year.

This includes Salik fines and traffic fines in other emirates.

The white points are valid for a year and if one complies with the rules and regulations and earns white points for five consecutive years, one will be eligible to a raffle draw on a vehicle.

One white point will be credited at the end of each month.

Each eligible person can receive a total of 12 white points a year, one for each month.

A motorist loses his entitlement to the month’s point on being involved in any kind of accident or committing a violation during that month.

However, should a motorist commit a serious offence, one that warrants 24 black points and the suspension of the driver’s licence, that person will not qualify for any white points for an entire year, starting from the day the driver’s licence suspension is revoked.

If someone is driving a vehicle licensed by someone else and commits a violation, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle will forego any white points for that month.

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