Driver seen kissing child says it was 'paternal'

Mother divorced and relies on driver to take her daughter to school. (File)

An Asian driver seen kissing an eight-year-old girl while taking her to school told Dubai’s police that it was paternal kiss, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Police went to the girl’s school and identified her driver who was seen by a woman kissing and hugging the child while that woman was passing near his car.

“He said that he treats the child like his own daughter and that was why he was hugging and kissing her,” 'Al Bayan' said, quoting Captain Mohammed Al Awlaqi, acting director of theWoman and Child Protection department in Dubai Police.

He said the girl’s mother, also Asian, was summoned to the school and told by the management and the department’s officials that she should accompany her daughter to school every morning.

“The mother said she has been divorced from her husband and that she relies on that driver to take her daughter to school, but she was made to promise that she would escort her daughter with the driver to school every morning,” he said.

“We acted after that woman who saw the driver said he was kissing and hugging the little girl in a strange and unacceptable way.”


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