Drug-driver claims madness in UAE court

An intoxicated Emirati driver who rammed into a police car, insulted a cop and resisted arrest claimed he had a mental problem to avert punishment, but the unconvinced top court sentenced him to six months in prison.

The unnamed defendant had appealed two previous jail sentences with the Federal Supreme Court (FSC), claiming he was psychologically ill and could not control his behavior when he assaulted the cops.

After it was not convinced by his logic and dubious medical documents he presented in court, the FSC decided to send the man to an authorised medical centre, which found that he is healthy and responsible for his behaviour.

The court upheld two previous sentences to jail the defendant six months and fine him Dh20,000 for driving under the influence of drugs, damaging a police patrol car, insulting a traffic policeman and assaulting cops when they tried to arrest him.


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