Drug-peddlers busted; 48,300 pills seized

Three GCC suspects – aged between 25 and 36 caught peddling drugs. (SUPPLIED)

A joint police team busted a drug-peddling gang in Ras Al Khaimah and confiscated more than 48,300 narcotic pills, according to anti-narcotics officials.

The three GCC suspects – aged between 25 and 36 – were nabbed following reliable tip-off about them peddling drugs in different parts of the UAE. Therefore, police teams from Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah organised an anti-narcotics team with the help of the MoI’s Federal Drug Control Department to arrest them.

The team first raided one of the suspects’ house – who has a criminal record – in Al Dhait area. “He is a drug dealer and had employed several drug addicts for the purpose of smuggling drugs into the UAE and their distribution within the country,” explained the Deputy Chairman of the UAE Supreme Committee for Combating Drugs Major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi.

Police seized narcotic pills from the suspects’ pockets, house and their cars. “They had stuffed 48,300 pills in ten plastic bags and had stashed away in the car’s trunk.”

The trio confessed to the crime and admitted to smuggling drugs and promoting them among the youth, some of whom had been already nabbed by the police before the incident in question.

The gang told investigating officers that lured customers by offering several doses of the drug free of cost for ‘testing’. They would do this under the pretext of friendship.”

Maj-Gen Mahdi called upon parents to raise awareness among their children against narcotics.