Dubai ATM gives extra cash; keep it or...

It was the withdrawal many people may have dreamt about, but only few have probably been able to anecdote.

When EH withdrew Dh500 from an ATM in Media City, she received Dh900, while she says only Dh500 was debited from her account.

"When I opened my wallet much later, I realised that one of the notes was a Dh500 bill, while the other four were Dh100 bills,” the Dubai-based Palestinian marketer said with a grin.

"What to do now?" she tweeted, hashtagging #ethicaldilemma.

A past event with the same bank inspired her with the following response to the self-raised question:

“This is karma. Two years back, I had an encounter with this bank, which financed my car payment.

“There was a bounced check due to insufficient funds. They told me about [it] three months later, arguing that the outstanding was now three times the monthly amount while the money was in the account all this time.

“I had to pay the full amount due to their fault. I do not think I will return the money that was accidently given to me today.”

What would you do if you were in a similar situation? Would you return the cash to the bank, or keep it? Let us know in comments below.

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