Dubai cabbie pockets Dh100,000 left in cab

A taxi driver allegedly ran away with Dh100,000 left by a passenger in the car, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MKH, 39, Dubai Taxi driver, is accused of stealing Dh100,000 and a gray jacket left by a passenger. IWK, 36, watchman, is accused of possessing the stolen things.

The  victim MO, 46, Dutch, administrative manager of an international company, testified that he took a taxi from a hotel on Al Riqqa Street to the airport and he put a jacket containing Dh100,000 on the back seat. “When I reached the airport, I got down, took my luggage bag and paid the taxi fare. As the taxi moved away, I realised that I had forgotten my jacket in the car. I started waving to the driver but the car did not stop. I went to the airport’s lost and found section and told them what happened. They connected me with Dubai Taxi who asked me not to worry. But the taxi driver was not answering calls to his mobile phone, so I went to the police station and lodged a complaint,” he testified.

Police arrested the accused who confessed to finding money in a jacket forgotten by a passenger he dropped at the airport. He also confessed that he gave the jacket and the money to his friend IWK.

Police confiscated Dh5,000 with IWK who confessed to hiding the jacket and the remaining Dh95,000 in the electricity room of the building where he worked. He also confessed that MKH had told him that the latter found the jacket and the money in the taxi.

The court adjourned the case for verdict.

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