Dubai cabbies to learn giving first aid

When a taxi is involved in an accident, or a medical emergency takes place in the vehicle, the driver might well be able to give first aid to the passenger, as drivers of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) fleet are being trained to be able to perform first aid.

“In the context of DTC’s strategy to raise the awareness and enrich the culture of taxi drivers towards empowering them to deliver excellent services, the DTC’s Drivers Training & Qualification Centre, in collaboration with Al Hilal Private Nursing & Medical Services Company, has introduced a year-long comprehensive health programme,” said Marwan Othman, Director of the Fleet Drivers Affairs at Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“The programme includes a number of lectures, awareness workshops, as well as practical and theoretical trainings for cabbies and employees to educate them about the principles of first aid in various circumstances including poisoning, burns, wounds, bleeding and cardiac resuscitation.

At the moment 500 cabbies have the knowledge and the certificate to look after a passenger in case of a medical mishap, and more drivers will be trained in the near future.

“The programs also highlight procedures ought to be adopted at various times at homes or during traffic accidents, and how to handle various types of injuries, wounds and burns as well as poisoning, bleeding, trauma, and cardiac resuscitation sustained by various individuals, be it juniors or seniors, elaborated Atta Allah Mohammed Habeeb, Director of Operations, Al Hilal Private Nursing & Medical Services Company.

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