Dubai cops rescue abandoned wife, child

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The Dubai Police went out of their way to interfere and reconcile a couple after the husband abandoned his pregnant wife in a European country and flew to Dubai, forcing the woman and her baby to come after him and get stuck at the airport without a visa.

Police intervened after receiving a call from Dubai airport that a woman and her baby are stuck there without visa and that she was crying all the time.

The unnamed woman later told police that she made a mistake when she kicked her husband out of their hotel room in a European country, prompting him to pack and fly back to Dubai, where he works.

“She flew after him but she had no visa to enter the UAE. She said that she tried many times to contact him to explain but that he would respond to her calls or give her a chance to talk,” said Mohammed Al Murr, director of the Human Rights Department.

He said the woman was stuck at Dubai airport without visa and money and that she wanted to return to her husband.

“We located her husband and summoned him. After a chat, he agreed to reconcile with her. She then flew back to her home country after her husband promised to have a visa issued for her and bring her back to the country,” he said.

“The husband told us that he did not intend to abandon his wife and son but that he was very angry at her behavior and just wanted to punish her.”


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