Dubai Courts achieves 95% success rate

Dubai Courts has recorded an exemplary performance in Government's Unified Customer Complaints' Portal, achieving 95 per cent success rate when compared with Dubai Government's 75 per cent target for “solved complaints rate during 7 working days' index."

Complaints, on the other hand, reached three per cent compared with the target of 10 per cent.

This was revealed in Dubai Courts’ Annual Report 2015, reflecting a significant improvement in the performance of the three courts – First Instance, Appeal and Court of Cassation.

In Emiratisation, the report indicated an increase of 6 per cent in the number of qualified citizens employed in the courts during the last year.

The rate of Emiratisation in the 'Leadership' category peaked to 96 per cent in 2015 with 1 per cent growth in comparison to 2014, while it reached 60 per cent in the 'Executive and Supervisor' categories with an increase of 1 per cent, reflecting Dubai Courts ' focus on increasing Emiratisation within all employment categories. The rate of Emiratisation remained steady within judicial categories at 34 per cent.

Further, the report revealed Dubai Courts achievements in smart transformation, where 1 million beneficiaries used e-gate and smart platform to finalise their legal transactions, which can be done from anywhere in the world by using 217 smart services.

The court's smart platform received 70,000 smart requests, while customers have registered 30,000 cases online since the beginning of the last year.