Dubai doctors revive Indian after heart stopped for 17 minutes


An elderly Indian national whose heart stopped for 17 minutes and was considered dead got second life when doctors at a Dubai hospital managed to revive him.

Khalifa bin Darai, Executive Director for Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, told Emarat Al Youm newspaper that his team received information that the man, 62, was in critical condition because he heart had failed and he was dead.

Though it was necessary to transfer him to Rashid Hospital, but due to long distance the Dubai ambulance team contacted a nearby private hospital which agreed to receive him.

Saudi German Hospital received the patient and provided him with all medical services for free till he regained consciousness and his condition was stabilised.

It took the medical team 25 minutes to bring his heart to its normal pulse and the patient regained his consciousness after two hours.

The patient was not charged for the treatment, he added.

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