Dubai driver clocks Dh104,990 in fines

23 vehicles seized for violating rules in surprise campaign

Dubai Traffic Police impounded 23 vehicles for traffic violations. One of the motorists had accumulated Dh104,990 in fines, said a top official at the Traffic Department.

The campaign by Bur Dubai Traffic Department focussed on seizing vehicles of motorists who drove recklessly, as well as those who were violating rules.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director, Dubai Police Traffic Department, said, in a surprise check on August 29, officials seized 23 vehicles, including three for rash driving and three others for being left unlocked on highways. Two cars were stopped for making loud noise, too.

At least 10 cars were impounded for unrenewed licences. While several others were seized for making unlawful changes to their engines, one motorist was nabbed for driving without a valid permit, he added.

The campaign - part of the Ministerial Decree No. 127 of 2008- will continue for some time. It aims to reduce traffic deaths on roads and ensure security of pedestrians as well as motorists. 


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