Dubai love affair leads to abortion and jail

Woman informs police of abortion after man refuses to marry her

Bangladeshi man and woman have been accused of having consensual sex that ended with abortion, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

LSM, 30, cleaner, is accused of offering sex to MAM, 44, driver.

MAM is also accused of threatening to kill cleaner if she does not abort the baby, giving LSM medicine for abortion and physically assaulting her.

LSM testified that she had a two-month consensual sexual relation with MAM that led to pregnancy. The result came positive when she did a pregnancy test. She asked him to marry her but he refused and asked her to abort the baby. But when she refused, he forced her to take pills and beat her up.

He also pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her if she refused to take medicine to abort the baby. After taking 6 tablets she bled and early in the morning she approached a police station and filed a complaint.

MAM initially offered LSM a job in his room in Al Hamriya Area. She used to clean his room and prepare food for him. At the end of the day he used to have consensual sex with her which resulted in pregnancy, according to the records.

MAM confessed to have illegally relationship with LSM; the driver also accused the cleaner to having affair with another man.

The court adjourned the case to May 17.

Dubai visitor stabs rapist in the heart

A 28-year old Ugandan woman killed her compatriot after he attempted to rape her at her residence in the Al Rafa area of Dubai, according to Emarat Al Youm newspaper.

Maj Gen Khamis Mattar Al Mazina, Deputy Commander in Chief of Dubai Police said the crime took place on April 10, when a security guard at a private company in the region saw the lady crying hysterically and her and hands and clothes stained with blood.

“The guard drove the woman to Naif police station, where she informed the police about the incident” said Maj. Gen Al Mazina.

He added: “The woman confirmed during her questioning that she killed the victim in self-defense where she stabbed him with a knife after he attempted to rape her.”

The woman explained that the man worked as a driver and he used to accompany her to work.

One the day of the crime she was sleeping in her room when he surprised her by entering and trying to molest her.

She tried to keep him away, but he grabbed her neck and tried to rape her.

While she was fighting him he fell on the ground.

She said she then took the advantage of him falling ran to the kitchen and took a knife and waved it at him, but he insisted on attacking her.

At that moment she stabbed him several times in the heart, opened the door of the apartment and ran on to the street crying hysterically.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation said that a team of CID and policemen of Naif police station rushed immediately to the site of the crime.

He added the police found a young man lying soaked in blood, and beside him a knife.

He was stabbed directly in his heart which led to death.

The body of the deceased transferred to the morgue for forensic examination.

Lt Col Ahmad Humaid Al Marri, Director of Administration of the CID, said “The accused admitted she is on a visit visa and working for a trading company, She was living alone in a room in the Freij Al Marar area.”

He explained that the investigations conducted confirmed the credibility of the confession as forensic tests proved the existence of traces of flesh of the woman in the nails of the deceased.

The case has been referred to the public prosecutor to complete the investigations.

Maid who stabbed employer arrested

An Ethiopian housemaid who stabbed her 50-year-old Emirati female employer in Fujairah and fled the house was arrested in Abu Dhabi with the help of a taxi driver, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The driver, Mufidul Islam Sadeq, reported the maid to the Abu Dhabi police after she refused to pay him transport fare apparently because she had no money.

Sadeq locked the maid in his car near the police station before going in to report her. When police came to enquire about her refusal to pay, they noticed blood stains on her clothes, prompting them to take her into the station.

“Police then suspected that she could have been involved in the Fujeirah murder attempt…after interrogation, she confessed to stabbing the woman in her chest and face,” the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum said.

It said police paid Sadeq the taxi fare and also gave him a cash reward for helping them catch the maid.


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