Dubai nationals' smart way to health care

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) informs that over 95,000 UAE nationals in Dubai are now covered by Saada (happiness) health insurance programme.

The Saada is a smart health insurance programme launched in June last year, which aims to provide insurance coverage for Dubai citizens who do not have any government health programme in Dubai.

UAE nationals can log on to the website -, or download the app - and using their EmiratesID they can register for health care. They will need no other medical insurance card, and can use their EmiratesID to get medical care.

Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of Public Health Funding at DHA, said 95,481 Emiratis from Dubai have registered with Saada so far with an average of 353 registrations a day.

“We have reached more than 90 per cent of the targeted audience, which are Emiratis in Dubai who do not have medical care in any government or private health programme in Dubai,” he said

A total of 3,120 surgeries with an average of 10 surgeries a day and an average of two baby deliveries a day have been performed under the programme, added Dr Al Yousuf.

“We have also had 7,126 inpatients and 208,188 outpatients covered by the programme."

Saada programme includes mandatory preventive health screening and comprehensive health coverage that include diabetes, hypertension, and oncology screenings to name a few.

The programme covers about 20 private hospitals and 500 clinics in Dubai a few outside the emirate. The registered candidate will have to bear 10 per cent and of the cost of treatment.
Other apps launched by DHA include the Dubai Doctors app, which is designed and developed for tourist and residents of Dubai who want to find medical specialties and facilities in Dubai.

Another app, Sehhaty (my health), allows patients to view their laboratory health results and monitor their appointments and Tifli (My baby) an application that aims to provide specialized services and information to pregnant ladies in Dubai.