Dubai Police bans car parades on National Day

Will confiscate violators' vehicles for a period of 3-6 months

Dubai Police has banned private car parades during the National Day celebrations on the streets of the emirate. It said it will confiscate the vehicles of offenders for a period ranging between 3 to 6 months.

During a press conference, Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director of General Administration of Traffic in Dubai, said police will  keep an eye on the streets of Jumeirah, JBR and Mamzar especially as well as other main streets known to attract car paraders National Day.
He said such celebrations create traffic chaos and are a nuisance to orderly conduct of life and business. He warned that the General Administration of Dubai Traffic will take immediate measures on such marches.

Maj Gen Zafeen urged use of sidewalks or parks for celebrating.

He pointed out that the General Administration of Dubai Traffic will station 400 to 500 men across the emirate to prevent the marches and book vehicles that violate, in addition to prevention of races.

Maj Gen Zafeen said the action is being taken going by the instances of the past three years, which included dancing in the streets by young girls, and also spraying of foam on vehicles, and the use of fireworks, which last year caused injury in the eye of a child while he was inside a vehicle with his parents and his brothers.

He said there are those who deliberately lean out of the vehicles and windows and from the roof of the cars. This poses a great danger and even resulted in the death of a person last year.

Maj Gen Zafeen said that during rallies last year nearly 1,000 cars were booked for serious irregularities. He also referred to the occurrence of 24 traffic accidents during December 1 and 2, that led to the death of one person and injuring others.

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