Dubai Police catching violators with 2,000 cameras

Dubai Police is cracking down on road violations with the aid of 2,000 street cameras installed across the city.

The authority will be watching around the clock with these new purpose-built cameras that will work in conjunction with the radars that are already installed across the emirate.

Speaking with Al Bayan newspaper, the director of the Dubai Police Traffic Department cautioned violators, these non-flashing cameras would be able to pick out speedsters, hard shoulder and red light jumpers, along with motorists who are causing a menace on the roads and endangering the lives of others.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui stated these 2,000 cameras are part of the ‘We Are All Police’ initiative the authority launched earlier.

He further added that these cameras are designed to adjust to road hazards around the clock, which is especially required in the month of Ramadan that has witnessed an alarming spike in road offenses.

Dubai Police had revealed earlier, over 250 traffic accidents were recorded in the emirate on the first day of Ramadan, which the control room received 2,419 calls on the day alone.

Al Mazroui stated motorists are deliberately not adhering to road rules in absence of traffic control devices or police officers.

He also pointed out that activating those cameras would enhance the traffic culture where everyone will be certain their cars and the roads they are driving on is under observation by authority.

A special technical team has been appointed to analyze the video recordings and single out violators with screen grabs and concrete evidence to hold them accountable.

Patrolling gets smarter

These cameras will further support Dubai Police’s smart patrol initiative, which was launched recently by Dubai Police.

The smart patrol sees 12 state-of-the-art cameras installed that can take photos with 360-degree visualisation.

Al Mazroui disclosed among these cameras, there are four special cameras that transmit live broadcast to the command centre; while eight cameras monitor the security of the roads, as well as monitor road violations.

He added, the side camera angles allow the devices to take pictures and run number plates of parked cars.

These images will be linked via an internal computer system with the police patrol and indicate whether the car is required in an impending case, or is wanted by banks or stolen.

He added: “The smart patrol also functions as a regular radar, which can evaluate the vehicle speed if passing near them. If found violating the traffic laws with an excess to the required speed limit, the vehicle will be photographed and recorded with authorities as a violation.”

He added in such a case, the driver would receive an alert via a text message immediately, within in a few minutes.

Al Mazroui asserted these strict controls are aimed at reducing traffic violations and accidents and road death, with the strategic goal of the Dubai Police to achieve zero deaths per 100,000 inhabitants by the year 2020.