Dubai police dogs performed 3,600 tasks in 2010

Trained police dogs in Dubai performed nearly 3,600 tasks in 2010 involving guarding, tracking and searching for drugs, explosives and corpses, a police officer was quoted on Sunday as saying.
The large number of such tasks showed the emirate’s criminal department is relying more on trained dogs within intensifying efforts to combat crime, the department’s director Major Abdul Salam Al Shamsi said.
“Our police dogs carried out 3,600 tasks last year…they involved searching for drugs, explosives, crime tools, guarding, tracking, search for dead bodies and missing persons and detection of fire causes,” he told local newspapers.
He said the department is trying to create awareness about the police dogs’ role in detecting crime through lectures at schools and other institutions. “Last year, we conducted 18 visits to schools and universities as part of an ongoing security education programme implemented by the department.”
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