Dubai Police help European son meet his mom after 10 years


Dubai Police helped a son meet his mother after almost 10 years, reported ‘Al Bayan’ daily.

Police received a petition from the son – a resident of a European country – that he was on a visit to the UAE for a week and would like to meet his mother who was staying with his youngest sister, said Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief, Criminal Investigation, Dubai Police.

However, when police contacted the sister, she refused to let the young man meet his mom.

The 29-year-old woman had been taking care of their mother since she began suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Meanwhile, police also learnt that the other siblings had filed a case against the youngest sister to let them see their mother. Suspecting a dispute among the siblings with regards inheritance, police began investigations. But, it was revealed there was no such dispute, said Maj-Gen. Mansouri.

So police summoned the young woman to the department and they did their best to convince her to allow her brother to see his mother and explained to her that he was here only for a week, he added.

At last she relented and the young man met his mother. It was an emotional moment, when the young man bowed down at the feet of his mother kissing her and began crying hysterically. The mother also was seen crying, he said.

Now the case has been referred to Dubai Courts to allow the siblings see their mother regularly.

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and transparency are the basic principles of Dubai Police, said a top police official.

Brigadier Ali Atiq bin Lahej, Director,  General Department of Airport Security, Dubai Police, said there are several instances that highlight the adherence of these principles by Dubai Police, according to a report in Al Bayan.

Citing an incident, he said how an American woman had lost her bag comprising jewellery at the transit lounge in Dubai International Airport. One of the airport police cadres found the bag and he went looking for the owner.

On not finding anyone in the lounge, he was directed to go to the plane, where he handed over the bag to its rightful owner.

Brig. Lahej said, the woman was so pleased at having got her bag that she embraced the police officer and said, “had it been any other airport, I would not have found it”.

Honesty and transparency reflect the reputation of the country, said Brig. Lahej adding that every official works hard to fulfill the directives of the leadership in maintaining airport security and passengers’ convenience.

Recalling another instance, he said once a celebrity had lost her diamond ring and an airport staff had found it in the washroom.

The airport operator handed it over to the lost-and-found section. The celebrity who had left the UAE sent a message across that she had lost her ring. Dubai Police replied that her ring was in safe hands and later handed it over to her.

Similarly, a woman had left behind a bag of coins at the airport, which was returned to her when she returned to the country two months later.

In yet another case, a family from one of the Gulf countries hailed a cab to arrive at Dubai Airport. It was only at the airport  that the family realised they had no passports with them.

They filed a complaint. Dubai Police tracked down the taxi driver, who confirmed that their passports were not in his car. Police then contacted the hotel where they stayed and discovered the passports in the room. One of Dubai Police officials rushed to the hotel and retrieved the passports on time and the family boarded the flight, explained Brig. Lahej.

Healing touch helps save woman escaping rape

Underlining the humanitarian role played by Dubai Police teams in providing victims with psychological and financial support, Al Bayan has reported a case where the police assisted a young Asian woman after she jumped from a balcony to escape being raped.

Dubai Police also helped a man find his mother after 10 years.

According to the report, in the first case, Dubai Police received a tip-off that a woman had jumped from the balcony of a flat to escape rape, which left her seriously injured.

Lt. Col. Rashid bin Dhaboi, Director of the Criminal Oversight section at Dubai Police’s General Department of Criminal Investigation, who is also in charge of the communications programme, said that the problem was that the victim had been in a relationship with the man in the past. Only she was dealing with him as her father and she used to visit his flat to support him.

He said the girl chose death and jumped from the balcony after she felt that she would not be able to escape him.

He said she pretended to accept his offer to go out for dinner and when he let her go to another room to change, she took her chance and jumped from the second floor.

The girl sustained fractures in her neck and right arm, and was taken to hospital, while the accused was arrested.

He said the girl was under shock for a while and members of the team were in touch with the victim, visiting her and supporting her.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation said their programme has assisted thousands of cases.

He added that all personnel have received specialised training in dealing with victims, particularly women and children, who are victims of crimes of harassment, rape or assault.


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