Dubai Police save Pakistani swimming off Jumeirah twice… third time he drowns

Colonel Ahmed Atieq Bourguiba, Deputy Director of Search and Rescue Department. (Supplied)

The Search and Rescue Department of Dubai Police have said that they faced 86 drowning cases in the past two years (2013-2014), with six deaths, in the months of May and June alone.

Colonel Ahmed Atieq Bourguiba, Deputy Director of Search and Rescue Department, gave a number of reasons why such accidents accrue; the first is not knowing how to swim - the number one cause of drowning.

There is also the ignorance of alerts, red flags, regulations, and warnings, also swimming alone or in the places not meant for swimming.

“People usually ignore such warnings not being aware of the danger they can face, also taking sleeping pills, eating before swimming, getting drunk, and swimming when it is dark are also reasons which lead to drowning,” said Bourguiba.

Drowning accidents have reduced by 60 per cent compared to earlier years.

Citing a case to explain the lack of awareness, Bourguiba said, “A Pakistani man went for a swim in Jumeirah in one of the areas not meant for swimming.

“The Search and Rescue Department received a call that a man was drowning.

“Dubai Police reached the area and rescued him. The weird thing is they received another call informing them that someone is drowning at the same area.

“When we reached the place I was shocked to see that it is the same man we just rescued. So we did saved him again and stayed at the area to make sure he left the place and was not going to swim back again,” Bourguiba added.

When they finally left, they received a third call informing them that someone is drowning in the same area. When they rushed to the place they were shocked to know that it is the same person.

“This time it was late, we tried to save the man but he died because his condition was too serious.

“This is one of the weirdest cases I faced,” he said.

When facing such case people should call ‘999’ immediately and make sure they comply the places of swimming and the regulations to avoid having a tragedy


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