Dubai policeman bags Emarat Al Youm award

Paper cites his efforts in developing computer programmes to help prisoners

A key UAE Arabic language daily has picked a Dubai police man as its “person of the month” citing his computer skills and efforts in developing programmes that help prisoners and save police effort and time.

Corporal Yasser Mohsen Saleh, a computer technician and coordinator at Bur Dubai police department, was awarded the monthly prize for February by Dubai-based Emarat Al Youm for developing 19 computer programmes that “serves the police’s administrative and organizational work” and a unique programme that cuts the time needed to move prisoners from 10 minutes to just two minutes.
The paper said the programme takes into consideration the health and human conditions of the prisoners, adding that it cost only around Dh1,000 although specialised companies had estimated costs at Dh20m.
“The selection of Corporal Saleh, who was just a prison guard before, was in regonition of his efforts in developing computer programmes for the Dubai police, particularly in facilitating work for the staff members and customers,” the paper’s editor in chief Sami Al Riyami said. “He has proved that ambition and innovation are not confined to a post but can be achieved by a person with strong motivation and dedication to his work.”
Emarat Alyoum, an affiliate of the Dubai Media Incorporated, one of the largest information establishments in the region, introduced the unique award at the start of 2012 and said its editing board would pick the person at the end of each month.
It said the prize would be confined to men and women from the UAE and other Arab countries who are residing in the emirates and that it would include a prize, shield and merit certificate.
“The award would not be given to any person in a senior government position nor to any one in DMI,” the paper said after introducing the award in January last year.
Emarat Alyoum, one of the most popular Arabic language dailies in the region, is part of the government-owned DMI which also includes Emirates 24/7, the Arabic language Al-Bayan newspapers, Dubai TV and other media organs.
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