Dubai residence visa for newborn: Grace period, fines, salary required

If you are a resident in Dubai and have had your baby here, you should get a resident visa for the new born within 120 days of birth to avoid paying fines and hassles that may follow once you breach this grace period.

The rules for getting such a visa for a newborn is same for all expat residents.

However, the requirements may vary slightly if the sponsor parent works for the private sector, government or in one of the free zones in Dubai.

Mandatory documents required

According to General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, if you work in the private sector in the city, here’s the list of documents that should be in place before you visit one of their branches.

For the child, you will need to get an application form duly filled from a tying centre; 2 photos, the baby’s original passport along with his/her UAE birth certificate. The registration form of Emirates ID for the baby is also needed.

The sponsor parent’s and the mother’s passport copy with resident visa page are required along with their Emirates ID.

Your attested tenancy contract, latest Dewa bill, Labour contact of the company (if you are working in the private sector) is mandatory.

Minimum salary of the sponsor

To be an eligible parent to sponsor, your minimum salary should be Dh3,000-Dh4,000 basic, along with allowances.

Grace period and fines

The authorities in Dubai allow a period of 120 days to the parents to get the resident visa for the baby after the birth. Failing to get the visa stamped during this time-frame will lead to a daily fine of Dh25, which will have to be paid while applying for the visa.

Once the application is accepted, it normally takes two to three days for the visa to be processed and stamped on the passport.

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