Dubai’s Al Khail Road expansion to complete by 2012-end

The project provides six-lane driveway in each direction

Expansion of Dubai’s Al Khail road to six lanes will complete by the end of this year, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said on Sunday.

It is currently putting final touches to Al Khail Road expansion and the completion of the entire project comprising six lanes in each direction will be by the end of this year 2012. Work is up and running in completing all flyovers of this key arterial passageway to ensure the smooth traffic movement in all directions of these interchanges, RTA said.

Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: “The ongoing follow-up regime instituted by the RTA for this vital project is reflected in examining work progress of all phases, ensuring work is progressing according to the approved timeline, meeting contractors working in all project phases, and tackling any difficulty confronting the project to overcome it and avoid any delay. The project covers the widening and improvement of the existing Al Khail Road in a sector stretching 15 km from the junction of Meydan Road up to the junction of the Emirates Road. The project also covers widening the existing road from four to six lanes in each direction and replacing the four R/As by free multi-level interchanges. Due to the massive nature of the Project, it has been divided into four phases with a total cost tag of Dh1.95 billion.”

She said Phase I (improvement of Al Khail Road/Interchange with Emirates Roads- Interchange 9) of the project comprises the construction of a new flyover to replace the circular junction on Emirates Road enabling free traffic movement in all directions.

It also includes the construction of two elevated ramps the first one links the traffic on Emirates Road outbound to Al Khail Road, and the other links the traffic on Al Khail Road outbound to Emirates Road. It also includes increasing the number of lanes from four to six on both Emirates Road and Al Khail Road, and the provision of necessary services. Completion rate in this stage has clocked 98% and is set for full completion by the end of December this year.

Phase II (Improvement of Al Khail Road/Interchanges 19 & 22/ Al Qouz) of the Project comprises the construction of two new flyovers on Al Khail Road providing smooth traffic flow in all directions instead of the existing two R/As at the intersection of Al Khail Road with Latifa bint Hamdan Road, and Arabian Ranches Road at Al Qouz Residential & Industrial Areas. It also includes the widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes in each direction and the construction of a flyover inbound from Al Qouz and outbound to Al Khail Road, in addition to various road works such as pavements, lighting, light signals, traffic signage & others. The Project also entails traffic diversions and removal of some utility lines intercepting the project works, in addition to the new utility works required for the project completion. Completion rate in this stage has exceeded 99% and will be finalized during this month of November and the opening of this stage will be timed with the opening of other phases by the end of December 2012.

Phase III (Improvement of Al Khail Road/Interchanges 10, 11 & 13) of the Project covers the widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes in each direction in a sector extending between the junction with Umm Suqeim Road to the junction with the Emirates Road as well as modification of all curves at the existing junction of Al Khail Road with Hissa Road (Junction 13). Completion rate in this phase has hit 98% and is set for completion this November.

Phase IV (Improvement of Al Khail Road/Junction with Umm Suqeim Road – Junction 17) of the Project comprises replacing the existing R/A at the intersection of Al Khail Road with Umm Suqeim Road by a multi-level flyover to provide a smooth vehicular movement in all directions. The Project also encompasses the widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes in each direction, and removing & protecting the utilities & services impacted by the Interchange. Completion rate has reached 77% and the project will be completed & opened in two parts; the first part, which includes constructing key bridges on Umm Suqeim Road & widening Al Khail Road to six lanes in each direction, will be opened by the end of December this year. The other part, which includes two sub bridges will be completed and opened for traffic in the first half of 2013.

Al Khail Road improvement projects are undertaken in the context of RTA Master Plan for Improvement of Roads, Bridges, Crossings and Tunnels Network with the aim of streamlining the traffic flow all over Dubai districts. The Project also marks the implementation of RTA Strategic Plan for uplifting the infrastructure of roads network and mass transit systems in Dubai Emirate, and developing integrated solutions of roads systems as well as land/marine transportation networks that are safe for users and matching up with the sweeping development plans, capable of catering to the needs of demographic expansion, and supporting the development and investment drive in the Emirate.

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