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Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo on natural disasters and financial tsunamis ahead

A grim outlook for H2 2012 will open the floodgates for yet another financial tsunami, while natural disasters will rattle the world to its very foundation, predicted a world-renowned Feng Shui expert.

Grand Master Raymond Lo, however, added that the corresponding two years are the ones of the fire element, according to the Chinese calendar, and are destined to return prosperity and peace to the global economy.

Circle of life

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Lo shed light on the science behind his forecasts, saying: “According to the Chinese, the world follows a 60-year cycle whereby events will come full circle in the world.”

Citing recent examples, he said: “In 1941, the world woke up to the Pearl Harbour attack that saw Japanese planes attack the US and brought about World War II; sixty years later, the world witnessed September 11, 2001 attacks in the US and that gave rise to the War on Terrorism, which is de facto World War III in every way.”

The 2003 SARS virus that plagued South East Asia and claimed the lives of thousands was mirrored in the influenza virus epidemic that spread its tentacles in 1943, claiming the lives of thousands with the spread of the virulent condition.

With such bleak tales to support his predictions, Lo added that natural disasters in the second half of 2012 is only a matter of time.

“According to the Chinese, 2012 is the year of the water element, which incites fear in people,” he explained. “With the winter months being the strongest water months, I’m afraid a natural disaster akin to the 1952 Russian Tsunami could prove very destructive, which was a direct result of a devastating earthquake.”

Lo’s prediction returns the spotlight to the 1952 Severo-Kurilsk Tsunami that struck USSR on November 5, as a result of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean.

Nearly 2,500 people perished in that disaster.

Economic curves

Lo applied the science of Feng Shui to also further explain the economic crash of 2008, saying that the year saw the beginning of the water element to rule the stars, bringing with it a Tsunami of financial woes, fear and disasters.

“The water years have continued until 2012, but the good news is, from February 2013, the fire element will come into play, bringing warmth, security and prosperity to the economic crisis that will last well into 2014.”

The Grand Master declined to comment on the plight of the Eurozone or whether the bloc would break apart as many financial experts have predicted could be the result of the debt crisis that has faced Europe in the past two years.

“Feng Shui doesn’t work in direct predictions, but rather gives you an indication of what the path has in store for you,” explained Lo, adding: “Outside influences can also change a negative energy to a positive one, changing an outcome in your favour.’”

Citing the example of the emirate of Dubai, Lo said that while water element is considered the bear of grim tiding, the city is geographically positioned at the head of the water dragon, which is curved inwards and looking down on itself.

He explained: “Dubai, like Hong Kong, is positioned at the mouth of a water body, in this case, the Gulf. The dragon turning its head and looking down on itself symbolises a protector and that is what this city is doing, protecting the energy from escaping. 

“Similar to the global outlook, the next two years will prove much better for Dubai economically, with 2014 anticipated as the power year, with the food industry and the entertainment field flourishing.”

The Chi of things

On a micro level, Lo advised that if you want to attract positive Chi or energy into your life, you can work on a few minor changes to draw happiness your way.

“Avoid sleeping in the South East corner of your home, which is home to negative energy,” said Lo, adding that even countries geographically positioned in those coordinates will suffer, citing the example of Athens and its current debt crisis, which is positioned SE in Greece.

“If you can’t move positions, simply hang a metallic wind chime above your bed, which will attract the negativity and reduce its intensity over you.”

He added that as 2012 is the year of the dragon, a rooster pendant will bring luck as they are considered ‘friendly’ in the Chinese astrological calendar.

Lo also advised that black is a water element colour, and too much of it should be avoided in this year as we approach Q4, the strongest to illicit fear.

“It’s best to wear shades such as reds, purples or oranges that bring warmth back into your life.”

What is Feng Shui?

Lo explained it as an ancient Chinese form of metaphysics that draws upon the Chi or energy in the environment as a deliverer of positivity and negativity in one’s life.

Once applied to your life, Lo believes that it can bring about a balance of the elements that can favour you, but also added that fate and destiny still play a very strong part.

As a celebrated author and spokesperson, Lo has appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s "Good Morning America", BBC’s "Wicker’s World", Australian TV "Today Show", Discovery Channel’s "Feng Shui Makeover", CNN’s "Tech Watch" and Chinese New Year interviews.

In the past, the Grand Master has successfully predicted a range of political, economic and social events, including the fall of former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the resignation of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, along with the crash of the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2000.

Recently, he predicted the break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, similar to the 2001 outcome of Cruise’s marital union to former wife Nicole Kidman.

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