Dubai’s Miracle Garden opens with 45 million flowers


With over 45 million flowers this season, Miracle Garden in Dubailand opens its door to the public.

Click to see gallery of Dubai's Miracle Garden in full flower

In the second season, Miracle Garden will have a UAE floral flag, a floral clock, a butterfly park, an aromatic garden and an edible garden, Akar Landscaping Services & Agriculture, the developer’s of the garden, said in a statement emailed to Emirates 24l7.

“Nearly 700,000 people visited our garden during the first season (February 14 to May 18, 2013). In this new season, we are expecting the numbers to cross a million,” the company said.

A floral UAE flag

Miracle Garden will open in two phases. The first phase, opening today, will have huge structures of sunflowers, seven flower hearts, seven stars and huge stunning flowers made with 3D art design.

The garden will have seven pyramids, including a huge one with the UAE flag designed by flowers. There will be two flower arch pathways shaded by hanging flower baskets, adding a romantic vibe to the garden. Besides, there will be also an umbrella pathway, a flower tunnel, Lilium flower lamps and a birthday corner made with 3D design.

A Ferrari car with driver decorated by flowers, a vertical buried cars zone, flower apple structures, artificial animals, flower boats and an  Islamic Arch Design will also be part of phase one.

Floral clock

For the first time in Dubai, there will a floral clock, around 13 meters in diameter, made out of real plants and flowers with changeable design for every season (twice a year). The clock will have a small bird house with the bird tweeting every 15 minutes.

Colorful peacocks

There will be three colorful peacocks with two of them with a large fanlike opened tails, 12 meters in diameter, and one with closed tail, around 13 meters in length, designed with colored flowers posed on the Green floor.

Butterfly Park

Phase 2, which will open in January, will have the Butterfly Garden, which will be a round shape garden designed in 3D and decorated with flowers.

There garden will be nine domes, spread across 1,800 square meters, with each dome filled with different color, sizes and species of butterflies.

“Between these domes, we will have an alluring butterfly museum and butterfly flower park. All the designs will be built consistently on the butterfly garden theme,” the company added.

Aromatic Garden

Visitors will be able to see and smell natures most powerful aromatic and medicinal plants from over 200 countries. One can touch, smell and even make his own cup of tea, fresh from the garden.

“We will have seating areas and service counters to provide cups and seats for the visitors comfort,” according to the company.

There will be an Edible Plants Garden where visitor will be allowed to pluck vegetable or fruits. A Strawberry Garden will also be part of phase 2.

Located in Dubailand, Miracle Garden's entrance fee is Dh20 per adult while disabled and kids three years and below will allowed free of charge.

Dubai Miracle Garden will be open all through the week - 9am to 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 11 pm/12 am during weekends.

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