Dubai’s population put at 1.9m

Dubai’s population stood at around 1.929 million at the end of March and could surpass two million by the end of 2011, official data showed on Sunday.

The Dubai Statistics Centre put growth at five per cent, adding that it expects the emirate’s population to grow by an average 7,000 a month until the end of this year to reach a record high of about 2.03 million.
Males largely outnumbered females at the end of March, estimated at 1.479 million against about 431,415 females.
“The centre expects a five per cent growth in the population until 2015 unless this rate is altered by a census,” a source said, quoted by Emirat Alyoum newspaper.
The figures showed nationals remained a minority in Dubai, the region's main commercial centre, standing at around 168,000, nearly nine per cent of the total.
An area breakdown showed around 40 per cent of the city’s population is concentrated in Jumairah, Safa, Qouz, Barsha, Khalifa Tower area, Bida, Satwa and Mankhoul. About 21 per cent inhabit Alqasis, Tawar, Nahda, Muhaisna, Muzher and Khawaneej while only around 21,000 (one per cent) live in rural areas, according to the figures.
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