Dubai site offloads BlackBerry Z10 for just Dh1 has added its own offering to the annual tradition of April Fools’ pranks, and offered visitors to its website a Dh1 ‘deal’ on the new BlackBerry Z10.

The link offered on the online shopping site’s home page leads visitors to a landing page that unravels the prank with the words ‘Gotcha! Hope we made you smile :) Have a nice day!’

Not many seemed amused, though.

“I knew there would be a catch when I saw this deal, but I didn’t realise it would be so superficial,” said J.K., a Dubai-based student.

To be fair, the site is still offering the BlackBerry Z10 device at a discount to its official price of Dh2,599, and has put it up for sale at Dh2,149, which is probably still the cheapest deal in the UAE market.

As this site had reported last week, prices of the BlackBerry Z10 have witnessed a steady decline after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Online deals on the BlackBerry Z10 are getting hotter by the day across the UAE, with group buying websites jumping in on the frenzy. According to a quick scan of the online deals and discounts sites, the best bargain yet is the offer for Dh2,149 for the handset.

BlackBerry’s official UAE retail partner, Axiom Telecom, continues to market the handset at a retail price of Dh2,599.

Other deals include one at Dubai-based discount site, which is offering the new BlackBerry handset for Dh2,199, and at Dubai-based mobile handset retailer Silver Vision Trading’s online store, at Dh2,170 per unit.

UAE customers are eagerly awaiting the spring edition of Gitex Shopper, which begins on April 3, for further deals and discounts on smartphones and other electronic devices.


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