Dubai street has 2 parking zones [video]

One side of the street is zone C, and the other side is Zone D

A couple of months after Dubai’s Roads Transport Authority (RTA) introduced new parking zones in the emirate, residents in Dubai's Al Nahda notice something unusual.

A single street in their neighbourhood displays two parking zones.

Dubai’s six parking zones (A to F) help demarcate different areas based on commercial and residential categories.

It is unlikely, then, that parts of a single bylane can be classified under two different categories, but that is the case with the service lane off Amman Street in Dubai’s Al Nahda, which displays both C and D parking zones.

A new pedestrian foot-over-bridge stands as the divide between parking zones C and D.

According to the RTA rulebook, Zone C is for roadside parking for category two or non-commercial zones starts at Dh2 for one hour of parking, with a maximum parking time of four hours at Dh11.

Zone D is for category two or non-commercial zones starts at Dh2 for one hour and caps at Dh10 for 24 hours.

The seasonal parking cards also cost different, with parking zones A and C charged for Dh1,400 for 3 months, and Zones B and D at Dh700 for the same period.

"I have a zone B and D parking card, but need to pay when parked on one side of the road," said a resident.

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