Dubaisat takes stunning shot of Costa Concordia


Dubaisat-1 took an image of Costa Concordia, the ill-fated cruise liner that partially sank on the night of 13th January 2012 during dinner time. The ship hit a reef off the Italian coast near Tuscany.

Rescuers evacuated 4,252 people on board, 25 lives were lost, 64 persons were injured and 7 were reported missing in the accident that revived memories of the Titanic disaster. Miraculously, two passengers and a crewmember trapped inside were rescued in the days after the incident.

“Emirates Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) extends its profound condolences to the families of those bereaved and prays to Almighty Allah to grant peace to the souls of the departed. Our prayers are also with those that were hurt in the accident or missing and we thank Allah for helping rescue the survivors,” said Ahmad Obaid Al Mansoori, General Manager of EIAST.

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