Eid getaway: Your guide to a 4-day road-trip around UAE

Sandfalls, breath-taking cool hills, hot springs, historic monuments and more will help you unwind

If you are lost for activities during the upcoming long weekend, here's what to do. Pack and get set for a four-day trip around the UAE.



If you were staying in Dubai you may start from Hatta, with its amazing sandfalls. Yes, sandfalls, not waterfalls.You can watch golden sand flow down cliffs that seem like waterfall.

First-timers are advised to take a guide along so you do not waste time finding your way up there.

Hatta natural pools

There are also the Hatta natural pools. A place I will highly recommend for its natural beauty. Areas in between mountains comprise water, where one can even swim.

From there, a two-hour drive will take you to Kalba city. Situated amid high mountains and valleys is an idyllic place called Wadi AlHelw with its Mangrove trees. As night falls, you can hunt down crabs crawling on the wet sand, collect seashells by the moonlight or simply enjoy fishing. You can board at one of the hotel's in Fujairah, which boasts some fine restaurants.

Jabal Aljais


Head to Dibba. And don't forget to visit ALBdya Mosque - one of oldest in the UAE, built more than 560 years ago.

Khasab tours day excursions

From there you can drive to Khorfakan - the city of charming beaches. There are numerous activities such as jet skiing and water games. You an camp there or check into one of the beachside hotels.


Drive to Ras Al Khaimah. A must visit there is the Jebel Al Jais. And don't forget to take your jacket along. This is a place in winter mode throughout the year.

Khorfakan beach

You can also visit Khasab, a place in nearby Oman. The winding long drive to Khasab is breathtaking with mountains on the one side and water on the other.

Sand falls

You can camp there for the night.



From there you can drive to Abu Dhabi and explore Al Ain city. The green hills and hot springs in Almbazrah is a treat to wind off your holidays. You may also visit the zoo and the Alsarab Palace in the desert of Liwa.


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