Eid weekend in UAE: Hazy and humid

Humidity is likely to increase by night and tomorrow early morning. (Shutterstock)

Eid weekend in the UAE will be hot and humid. Leisure activities will be better if arranged indoors, because the summer heat is here to stay.

Though, a slight break is expected from the midweek peak temperatures of as high as 49 degrees Celcius on the coast.

On Thursday, temperatures had climbed down to a maximum of 43 degrees, and a minimum of 29 degrees Celcius on the coast. However, temperatures of 48 degrees were felt inwards, while the lowest temperature was measured at 28 degrees Celcius in the mountains.

Friday does not much different from Thursday, as the NCMS forecasts hazy and partly cloudy weather, relative humidity and slight to moderate winds.

However, fog may form towards the west of the country, and the Oman Sea will roughen up gradually  by late night and Saturday morning.

Maximum temperatures in internal areas to hover between 43 and 48 degree Celcius, with relative humidity hitting 90 per cent. The minimum temperatures on the mountains will be about 27 degree Celcius.

The relative humidity is likely to increase by night and tomorrow early morning over some coastal & internal areas with chance of mist/fog formation especially to the west.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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