Eida texts Dubai final notice on National ID cards

Majority of Dubai population not yet registered in employment category; Empost to open Friday for ID delivery

Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has so far dispatched 23,774 text messages in Arabic and English languages to the representatives of private sector companies in Dubai to alert their employees to register for their identity cards before June 01, 2012, to avoid fines.

Ayesha Al Raisi, Acting Director of the project, Public Relations Officer and Marketing at Eida said sending the text messages is part of the media and advertisement campaign to remind the Dubai inhabitants of the need for registration for the identity card before May 31.

She added that the text messages on mobile phones were addressed to the companies due to the fact that a big percentage of population of Dubai is not yet registered to receive the identity card, especially the workers.

Al Raisi said that the Eida addressed the text messages to the companies in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour.

Empost to open Friday for ID delivery

Emirates Post (Empost) is planning to open its offices on Fridays within a series of measures intended to tackle crowding because of a surge in the number of national ID cards needed to be delivered to their owners.

Empost CEO Ibrahim bin Karam said other measures include assignment of delivery desks to women and to nationals, extension of delivery deadline to 90 days instead of one month and increasing SMS alerts to card holders.

“We are also planning to extend daily work hours to tackle this crowding at our offices,” he told Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily without making clear when these measures would be enforced.

Empost, which has contracted with Emirates National Identity Authority (EIDA) to deliver cards across the UAE, has already handled nearly 4.2 million cards since February 2011, Karam said.

He said nearly 500,000 new cards are ready to be delivered to their owners while around 94,000 cards have remained in their drawers for more than 90 days although their owners have been alerted by SMS many times.

[Click here to know more about deadlines and fines]

No grace for Dubai, Abu Dhabi FZ staff: Eida

Freezone employees of private companies based in freezones of Abu Dhabi and Dubai will have to adhere to the April 1 and June 1, 2012 deadlines, respectively, with regards to registration and/or renewal of ID cards, Emirates Identity Authority said in a statement on Tuesday.

Earlier, the authority had said those with residence visas expiring by December 31, 2012 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah could renew their expired cards or register for one at the time of residency renewal.

This exception came in response to the demands of a broad section of free zone employees and a large number of private sector companies operating in free zones.

Eida clarified that the deadline for freezone employees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai expired last December and delay penalties were being imposed on those who had not registered, effective January 1, 2011.

Eida added that these decisions came as part of its keenness in providing the most prestigious services to public and facilitating their registration procedures.

The decisions emphasise that priority would be to complete the population register system and the ID card project because they help enhance national and individual security and are in accordance with UAE Vision 2021, Eida said.



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