EK521 Accident: Dubai family forced to deplane at Trivandrum

Emirates 24|7 staffer had last-minute cancellation due to medical reasons

An Indian family from Thiruvananthapuram who were deplaned from Emirates flight EK521, which was involved in an accident at the Dubai International Airport yesterday, say they’re glad everyone on-board is safe.

Salosh Zakariya, accounts manager with Dubai Media Inc.(press section), the parent company of Emirates 24|7, his wife Neethu Antony, and five-year-old son Steve Augustine had all but boarded the flight in Trivanadrum when airline staff told them that Neethu, who was sick, could not be allowed on-board.

Salosh and family went to India on July 5, 2016, for a one-month vacation and had planned their return early.

“We said goodbye to all friends and relatives in the morning and reached Thiruvananthapuram airport and completed the baggage checking and received our boarding passes as well. But during the commute from our home to the airport, my wife fell sick and started throwing up. When we arrived at the airport, we reported to the airport doctor who treated her for vomiting and stomach disorder,” said Salosh.

“After taking the medicines and doctor’s advice, we proceeded to board the flight, but the Emirates crew advised us against flying. Our seat numbers were 40 A, B and C, but we could not board the flight due to her [Neethu’s] sickness,” said Salosh.

After the report of the accident, many of his friends and relatives frantically called to know their status.

“I am glad we didn't fly, but more than that I am really happy that everyone on-board the flight is safe,” he said.

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