Emirates flight to Kochi lands safely after snag

More than 200 passengers and the crew of an Emirates flight from Dubai to Kochi had a fortuitous escape when the flight, which developed a technical snag, landed safely at the Cochin International Airport in the wee hours of Saturday.

“Emirates confirms that flight EK533 to Dubai, on Saturday July 2, was delayed due to technical difficulties,” an Emirates spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement in response to this website’s query.

“Where possible, passengers were accommodated on EK531 at 10.30am, the remaining passengers were provided with hotel accommodation. The affected flight departed at 18.30 hours the same day. Emirates regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers,” the Emirates statement said.

The aircraft with 222 passengers onboard was on approach to Kochi when the crew reported a technical snag but continued for a safe landing at Kochi, according to reports.

The pilot informed the Air Traffic Control (ATC) authorities to make arrangements for the landing. The flight landed safely at the airport at 3.05am.

The aircraft was shifted to a separate bay for the technicians to repair it. The flight which was scheduled to return as EK533 to Dubai at 4.20am, reached Dubai with a delay of 14 hours as a result.

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