Emirates Identity Authority cancels delay fees for last 2 days

Emirates Identity Authority today announced cancellation of delay fees imposed on customers who were not able to fill up electronic form for the ID card on Saturday and Sunday due to the slowdown that occurred at the electronic form system managed by “Emartic” Information Technology and Solutions Company, which affected the service level at a number of the typing centers accredited by the authority across the country.

Emirates ID stressed its keenness to maintain the rights of its customers, renewing its apologies to all those affected by this slowdown taking place at the electronic form system on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of this month.

Emirates ID called for the customers affected by the slowdown of the system to communicate with the authority for any further information or possible support they might require, whether through the authorities registration centers or through communication channels available by the authority through its website and social networking pages, or through the call center on number (6000530003).

Emirates ID noted that the electronic form system is working as usual since Sunday afternoon.