Emirati boy hit by iron bar at Water Festival on mechanical ventilator

Al Qassimi Hospital says his condition is improving

The condition of the Emirati boy injured in an accident at the Sharjah Water Festival is improving.

A senior official at the Al Qassimi Hospital told Emirates 24|7 that although the boy continues to be in the mechanical ventilator, his condition could be described as stable.

The two-and-a-half year old Khalifa Obaid, from Kalba was rushed to the Al Qassimi Hospital last Tuesday with a serious head injury and internal bleeding following an accident at the festival venue.

The boy who was accompanied by his parents walked too close to a ride and was hit on his head by the rotating iron bar.

His parents had moved away to buy tickets for the children.

Obaid was immediately rushed to the hospital and doctors had to perform surgery to stop the internal bleeding.

“Hospital staff is keeping a close watch on him.

“Post his surgery his condition can be described as stable.

“He is improving, although still under mechanical ventilation. His condition is being analysed on day-to-day basis,” said Dr Abdul Wahid, Deputy Technical Director at the Al Qassimi Hospital.

It is mandatory that all rides are fenced appropriately to prevent children from running in and to control crowd movement.

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) said the company responsible for the ride failed to adhere to the safety standards.

Police have taken the company officials and staff manning the area into custody.

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