Emirati nearly chokes on piece of chicken

Heimlich manoeuvre, demonstrated by trained personnel, helped save Emirati conscript from choking to death. (Emarat Al Youm)

A 19-year-old Emirati army conscript in Sharjah nearly choked to death after a piece of chicken he was having got stuck in his throat, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The man started to gasp for air and his face colour was changing to blue when his brother grabbed him from the back and pressed strongly on his stomach five times, causing the piece to pop out of his mouth.

He performed 'Heimlich manoeuvre' as per the instructions received by National Ambulance Communication Centre.

The brother said he acted on instructions he received on the phone from National Ambulance after he called them to report the case.

“I returned home for the weekend and sat for a meal with my brother, when suddenly a piece of chicken got stuck in my throat and I could not breathe. I started to cough to push it out but I could not,” Mohammed Salim said, quoted by 'Emarat Al Youm' daily.

“My face colour started to turn blue, prompting my brother to call the ambulance services, which sent an ambulance and also gave him rescue instructions by phone.”

His brother Saif said he was “nervous and scared” but the staff from the Ambulance Communication Centre managed to calm him down.

“He asked me to turn on the speaker on my phone. He then started giving me instructions on how to deal with such a case. I followed those instructions and I succeeded in pushing that chicken piece out of my brother’s mouth.”

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