Employee steals Dh100,000 from Sharjah bank

Arrested after fleeing to another emirate

The Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police have arrested a bank employee in Sharjah for stealing 100,000 dirhams from the bank.

The Sharjah CID acting on a complaint of a bank in Sharjah, that an employee stole Dh100,000 and fled arrested the fugitive accused and recovered the stolen amount.

The accused is identified as AHR, aged 27..

The police tracked the accused through a friend.

AHR confessed to stealing the money and fleeing to a neighbouring emirate, where he met a friend and gave him Dh91,000  to keep.

When asked about the remaining money, the accused said he had Dh4,000 on his person, has given Dh3,000 to another friend and had transferred Dh2,000 to Bangladesh.


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