Employee to be paid Dh79,000 for arbitrary sacking

The Dubai Cassation Court ordered a company to pay Dh79,000 to a former employee for arbitrary termination of service.

Dubai Attorney General Issam Al Humaidan had appealed the verdict of the Appeals Court which had deprived the employee of her gratuity and leave salary and compensation for arbitrary termination and had ordered the employer to pay only Dh11,000.

According to the case record, an employee in the private sector had lodged a labour complaint against her employer who had terminated her services arbitrarily.

The Labour Court ordered the employer to pay her Dh79.000. The employer appealed the sentence and the Appeal Court reduced the amount to just Dh11,000.

The employee sought the Attorney General’s help since the law does not allow her to appeal the sentence as the amount is less than Dh200,000.

Chief Prosecutor Tareq Al Naqbi studied the verdict of the Appeals Court and found that it had violated the law.

The employer had failed to pay full salary to the employee without any justification. The employee has the right to leave the job without notification and is entitled to get full gratuity and compensation for arbitrary termination of service as well as leave salary.

Al Naqbi prepared the appeal and got it approved by the Attorney General who submitted it before the Cassation Court which cancelled the sentence of the Court of Appeal and ordered the payment of the full amount of Dh79,000 to the employee.


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