Expect knock on your door in Sharjah from 3pm-10pm


The Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD) in Sharjah has decided to carry out the forthcoming census from October 20 in the evenings only - from 3pm until 10 pm during the period of the census.

The timings have been arrived as a result of the pilot phase of Sharjah Census 2015, which was carried out between August 31 and September 3 at buildings, houses and structures in the areas of Al Majaz (2), Al Rahmaniya (5), Al Sina’iya and Al Roula.

Census staff and researchers made field visits to these areas to gather preliminary information such as home addresses, coordinates, the number of members of each family, contact details of the people who supplied the information and identity card numbers.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Sharjah Census 2015 and Head of the DSCD, said: "We thank all of those who have cooperated with us during the Sharjah Census 2015’s trial phase, in which we were able to validate the efficiency of the technical plans set for the census including its systems and programmes, and to consider important aspects and observations - such as the greater cooperation of families with teams in the evenings. Therefore, we’ve decided to amend the field work operation hours for the census set to be launched in October, effectively changing the times to between 15hrs – 22hrs  in the evening."

Abdullah Al Kudaid, Director of Statistical Sectors, revealed that the registration period for part time employment at the Census is still open until September 30 through the website www.SharjahCensus.ae, adding that temporary evening jobs are also available to meet the needs of employed persons wishing to participate in this project and contribute to shaping a better future for the residents of Sharjah. The project will also enhance the several skills of participants, who will receive theoretical and practical training in several areas.

Al Kudaid said that there are currently open vacancies for the posts of observer and researcher, and that the work of observers should begin on October 11 until end-December while the work of researchers starts on November 26 until end-December during evenings.

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