'Fashion gang' on the prowl in shopping malls

A gang of six GCC nationals has been accused of stealing designer wear from high-end retailers at some shopping malls in the emirate.

The gang comrpising five women and a man form smaller groups and walk into a target shop at the same time. While one group kept the attendants busy the others grab expensive items and hide it under their abayas and quietly walk out, according to a report in 'Gulf News'.

Aged between 20 and 25, the 'fashion gang' were at Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall looking for designer shoes, handbags, accessories and would always ask for the latest collections, Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Head, Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department, was quoted as saying.

After the police received about 10 complaints, the suspects were nabbed in an undercover operation.

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